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BradyGames Official L.A. Noire

0.99 usd

Welcome to 1947 Los Angeles, the setting for this years most revolutionary game. This fully authorized app from BradyGames features a scrollable and zoomable street map of the entire city of Los Angeles, complete with locations of every collectible Golden Film Reel, Landmark and Hidden Vehicle--plus the locations of every Shield from the Badge Pursuit Challenge DLC. Each item is accompanied by descriptive text, screenshots, and an Objective Complete feature that allows you track which ones youve located and which ones remain undiscovered. Features:
* Explorable street map of the entire game * Locations of all collectibles, including Golden Film Reels, Landmarks and Hidden Cars * Includes locations of all collectible Shields from the Badge Pursuit Challenge DLC * Objective Completion tracking * Screenshots and detailed text for each collectible * Official Rockstar Twitter feed * Official music and sound effects